A Message from our Patron, Professor Ervin Laszlo:

Please convey my best wishes to members, and express that I believe that the time is close when the Laurence Society’s holistic medicine is about to move to the mainstream, a leading element in the new energy- and information-based methods of healing. There is a recognition of the paramount role of information in the universe in physics, and it is paralleled in the recognition of the similarly paramount role of information in the organism in biology. In the healing arts the ancient notions of ch’i or Ki is being given a new validation as the pattern of information- and energy-flow that indicates the full functionality, the health, of the living system. The diagnostic and healing method of the Laurence Society is a forerunner of the new medicine based on the observation of information in the body and the restoration of its integrity as and when needed.

About The Laurence Society of Holistic Medicine

In the 1950s, Dr George Laurence, a family physician and qualified surgeon, had grown disenchanted with orthodox medicine’s failure to tackle chronic diseases. Accordingly, he began to research different medical systems and philosophies in order to see whether they could provide him with a key to unlock the mystery of chronic ill health.

With the sciences of anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and psychology it is widely believed that we can explain most of the mechanisms in the body. Then, armed with their corresponding pathological sciences it is also believed that doctors understand most of the illnesses and diseases that afflict the individual. This is unfortunately not the case. The traditional sciences take us so far, but they leave us tantalisingly short of proper understanding of the mechanisms of chronic illness.

From his research Laurence felt that the work of three men stood out. First was Samuel Hahnemann and his homeopathic method. Second was Rudolf Steiner, especially in his conception of the formative forces of nature. And third was J.E.R. McDonagh and his Unitary Theory of Disease.

Further study over a number of years led him to develop a practical system that allowed analysis of the energetic processes that lie behind the manifestation of illness and its causes. This is an extension of the conventional skills of the art and science of medicine and not a substitute for it.

The result is a holistic approach to the whole organism seeking the causative factors and appropriate remedies which has been of immense benefit, particularly in the case of chronic and persistent complaints. It is the removal of these causative factors that leads to restoration of vital harmony which allows the body to heal itself.

The analysis depends essentially on the exercise of the paranormal senses, of which the existence is now scientifically accepted: and because by convention the Greek letter psi had come to be associated in this connotation, Laurence called his system Psionic Medicine.


The Society was established in 1969 to support the work and research of practitioners in medical, dental and veterinary spheres and has adopted the motto ‘Tolle Causam’ – seek The Cause.

The Society is a Registered Charity (No. 259317) which is governed by a Council and Trustees. The Society organises meetings and conferences, publishes the Society’s Journal and occasional papers.

Membership is open to all who wish to support the work of the Society and information is available from;

Assistant Secretary, Laurence Society Holistic Medicine, Withersdane Green Cottage, Wye, Ashford, Kent TN25 5DL, UK. Telephone: 07775 523252.

Email: secretary@laurencesociety.org