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The Study and Treatment of the Causative Factors in Illness

by J H Reyner in collaboration with Drs George Laurence and Carl Upton.  Revised and enlarged by Dr Keith Souter.

Published by The C W Daniel Co. 2001.  ISBN 0 85207 342 9

Cover Psionic Medicine


 Psionic medicine is an integrated system, which links orthodox medicine, homoeopathy, energy medicine and radiesthesia, or the dowsing faculty. The main emphasis is on chronic and persistent disease. In the 1950s, Dr George Laurence, a family physician and qualified surgeon, had grown disenchanted with orthodox medicine’sfailure to tackle chronic diseases. Accordingly, he began to research different medical systems and philosophies in order to see whether they could provide him with a key to unlock the mystery of chronic ill health.

In his reading he felt that the work of three men stood out. First was Samuel Hahnemann and his homeopathic method. Second was Rudolph Steiner, especially in his conception of the formative forces of nature. And third was J.E.R. McDonagh and his Unitary Theory of Disease.

A meeting with Dr Guyon Richards introduced him to the concept of radiesthesia, or dowsing. Laurence then found that by an extension of the radiesthetic technique he was able to determine ‘the causes’and thence the appropriate treatment which would restore the vital harmony –usually, but not necessarily, by homeopathic medication –and so for the first time was able to formulate the psionic method of diagnosis and treatment of the basic causes of illness. This he developed with patience and assiduity over the years, to develop a system of medicine which has proven to be highly successful over the past fifty years, often disclosing the hidden causes and directing practitioners to the appropriate treatment of many chronic and supposedly incurable diseases.

The system, which links orthodox with homeopathic medicine, depends essentially on the exercise of the paranormal senses, of which the existence is now scientifically accepted: and because by convention the Greek letter psi had come to be associated in this connotation, Laurence called his system Psionic Medicine.

 Tolle Causam

The motto of the Psionic Medical Society and the Institute of Psionic Medicine is ‘Tolle Causam’,which means‘seek the cause.’ Causes often appear to be remote from the effect that is produced in the body, ie, the disease. However, experience in Psionic Medicine continually demonstrates that if one can remove the cause, then the body may heal itself.

The limitations of Orthodox Medicine

With the sciences of anatomy, physiology and biochemistry it is widely believed that we can explain most of the mechanisms in the body. Then, armed with their corresponding pathological sciences it is also believed that doctors understand most of the illnesses and diseases that afflict the individual.

This is unfortunately not the case. The traditional sciences take us so far, but they leave us tantalisingly short of proper understanding of the mechanisms of chronic illness.

Understand that illness is a process

Look at the two figures below for a moment. The unfinished pyramid represents orthodox medicine, with its layers from the bottom up representing the traditional sciences of anatomy, physiology and biochemistry. These are also the layers or levels at which orthodox treatment aims.

The Art &...Diag1

Notice that the fourth layer of the pyramid is labeled the PNI layer. This stands for Psycho-neuro-immunology. It is the growing recognition that the mind (psyche) can affect the nervous system and the immune system. Thus, stress can indirectly affect the immune system to predispose an individual to infections. The reverse also happens when infections or the load of an illness can affect the mind.

In orthodox medicine we make a diagnosis, which usually takes account of the effect of the illness on structure, function, biochemical aberration and feeling (respectively, anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and psychology or PNI). Treatment then consists of affecting the main level at which this occurs. If the problem is one of altered structure, then surgery is indicated. If it is of function or biochemical aberration then medical treatment may be necessary. If it is perceived as being psychological, then psychological or psychiatric intervention may be considered. And of course, in cases of conditions affecting all levels, such as in cancer, then all types of intervention may be needed.

Now for many people this approach may be precisely what is required. Their condition may be adequately controlled. For others, however, the condition is never controlled and they live on with a chronic or progressive illness which fails to respond to orthodox interventions.

Please now look at the second illustration. The pyramid is complete, because it has a capstone. And that capstone is the energetic side of man. It is the individual’s energy field. It is the experience of Psionic practitioners that when orthodox treatments fail, they fail because the problem exists and persists in the energetic blueprint, the organising energy field that governs growth, repair and the self-regulating, self-healing mechanisms of the person. Unless the problem is removed, then the individual may experience on-going physical, emotional and psychological problems. Effectively, unless this energetic side is examined there is little that can be done to improve the situation. The energetic capstone of the pyramid is the focus of attention for the psionic practitionerThe Art & ...Diag2Pathology in Psionic Medicine

Let us for a moment consider a chronic problem such as may occur with someone who produces recurrent cysts in one organ or another. Orthodox treatment will possibly comprise surgery to remove the actual cysts in order to restore physical function of the organ. This may be followed by some sort of treatment, possibly hormonal in the case of an ovarian cyst, for example. If at some later stage cysts recur the same round of treatment may become necessary, possibly even necessitating surgical removal of the organ if its function has become severely compromised

In a case of a chronic or recurring condition such as the above, the aim of Psionic Medicine would be to track down the cause and the mechanism of the underlying pathological process. Unless that process is switched off then the condition is liable to continue its recurring or chronic course. This process emanates from a taint in the energy field, which would continue to operate to produce a sort of trickle-down effect in the pyramid. In other words it would occur because the cause had neither been found nor treated. Essentially, without knowledge even of the existence of the apex of the pyramid, of the energetic side of the individual, orthodox treatment in chronic disease can rarely be anything other than temporary alleviation.

This simplistic explanation can be seen to occur in all manner of ailments, from cancer to other progressive and degenerative diseases. It can also explain why various treatments that should work, do not. This is because the process in the energy body acts as a brake on the normal self-regulating mechanisms. They simply do not respond to measures that would seem to help. For example, an individual may not respond to an orthodox drug, to acupuncture treatment or to psychodynamic counselling. Removal of the taints, however, using homoeopathic remedies selected by psionic analysis may well remove those brakes. Psionic Medicine aims to track down the cause of chronic disease by pinpointing the nature of the pathological aberrations within the energy field of the individual. These aberrations may be inherited from many generations back or acquired throughout the lifetime of the individual.

(Please note that we use the example of ovarian cyst formation because it illustrates the principle, and not because psionic practitioners make any special claim about treating this or any other condition)


Psi-field Hypothesis and the Personal Psi-field

Professor Ervin Laszlo has brilliantly proposed his Psi-Field Hypothesis, which explains so many of the paradoxes which have been observed from all the sciences (physical, biological, psychological and sociological). Essentially, there exists a universal, interconnecting energy field. This links everything within the universe, from subatomic particles to galaxies, from mice to men.

In Psionic medicine we acknowledge the existence of a personal Psi- field which contains a record of everything that has happened to the individual. Everything the individual has inherited, or acquired. All his experiences, traumas, infections, make him or her the individual that they are at any point in time. You can think of these as being like the layers of an onion. If they are inactive, then they cause no problem. If they are agitating, then they have the potential to cause a lot of problems.

Psi in Psionic Medicine

As indicated earlier, Psionic Medicine utilises the radiesthetic or dowsing ability. Three things are worthy of note here. In the diagnostic arm of the process one is contacting the patient’s psi-field, often at a considerable distance, in order to ascertain what disturbances are present, which ones are relevant and how they are producing ilnes. Secondly, the key into the patient’s psi-field is their witness of blood or hair. No matter how far apart the witness is from the patient, in space or time; there is a connection which reflects the current energetic state of the individual. And thirdly, in the determination of treatment, one is asking questions of an informational system which is infinitely more knowledgeable than the practitioner himself.

Causative Factors

Disturbances in the personal Psi-field derive from a variety of sources:

  • From diseases earlier in life, eg, Glandular Fever.
  • From immunisations, eg, smallpox vaccine, MMR, etc.
  • From bowel dysbiosis (disharmony between the individual and their intestinal flora, resulting in harmful effects and disturbance of function).
  • From the environment, eg, aluminium, mercury
  • From physical trauma –injuries, especially head injuries, burns, etc
  • From emotional trauma, eg, grief, abuse, stressful situations.
  • Inherited from previous generations, eg, Tuberculosis, These inherited toxins are referred to as‘miasms’.
  • Ongoing stressful states, attributable to the basic constitution of the individual.

It is usually necessary to deal with these factors one at a time –layer- wise –rather as if peeling an onion.

How are you analysed psionically?

Some body protein is required to ‘represent’ the individual in the dowsing process. This protein may be in the form of a blood spot, nail clipping, hair sample or specimen of saliva. This sample retains its energy connection with the person from whom it was taken, via non-local connections. This sample will reflect what is happening with the individual at the moment of analysis, rather than at the time the specimen was taken from the body.

People are often puzzled by this, but it is important to realise that psionic analysis gives you a bio-energetic assessment of the individual that is up to date at the time of the analysis. A biochemical analysis, on the other hand, would only give you information about the state of biochemistry at the time the sample was taken.

An analogy to this is the analysis of a CD. If you analysed this chemically you would only ever determine its chemical make-up, no matter what information was placed upon it. If you put it into a computer, however (analogous to the bioenergetic psionic analysis), then you would read the information that was on it. And of course, one could have recorded very different information on it over several sessions, from the complete works of Shakespeare to the cartoon adventures of Homer Simpson.

And so, only one sample is ever necessary, since it can be used over and over again, the information that is obtained being current.

Psionic Treatment Unlocks Toxins And Miasms

You can think of the ‘toxins’ and miasms as being like the layers of an onion. Psionic treatment generally involves the administration of remedies which are either prepared Psionically or Homoeopathicaly, in order to ‘peel off’ the aggravating toxin. As often happens with Homoeopathy, the individual may experience a worsening of symptoms, or a recurrence of symptoms from the past. This is called, in homoeopathic terms, an aggravation. These symptoms can be physical, emotional or psychological symptoms or ‘memories.’ Aggravations do not last and are a sign that the correct treatment is being used. If the symptoms are difficult to tolerate, you can space the remedy out by taking it for two days and stopping for two days, as long as you complete the total number of days recommended on the prescription.An aggravation with a homeopathic treatment is very different from an adverse drug reaction to an orthodox medical drug.

The Art & ... Diag3 (1)


 How many toxins do I have?

Each person will have a different number and combination of toxins. After an analysis you will be informed of the number and nature of the toxins that have been found. The number of toxins increases with age and with exposure to various illnesses –so the younger you are when starting to treat and eliminate these toxins the better.

What are miasms?

These are inherited toxic states resulting from serious diseases in previous generations of your family. The main miasms are tuberculosis, vaccinosis from smallpox vaccine, the luetic miasm from syphilis and the sycotic miasm from gonorrhoea. Miasms are often deep seated and act on several layers, which need to be treated one at a time.

Do I Have To Clear All My Toxins Before I Feel Better?

It can happen that the first toxin to be cleared will make a big difference to your particular illness, but more commonly your condition is due to a combination of several toxins and you will not notice much difference until most of the toxins are cleared.

How Do You Know Which Toxin To Treat?

This is determined by dowsing with a pendulum, or sometimes by muscle testing as in kinesiology. This tells what toxins and miasms are present, in which order they will be treated and what the treatment of each toxin is.

Can I Take Other Medicines Along With My Psionic Remedy?

Psionic remedies do not interfere with orthodox medicines, so can be taken alongside any treatment your GP has prescribed. You should allow at least half an hour between the remedy and any other medication. However you should not take other homeopathic remedies at the same time. If you are on long-term preventative treatment for aluminium toxin, you should stop this for the duration of your current course and restart it when the course is completed.