Michael Rust, FCLAS, Cert Ed

Before becoming a professional artist in 1985, Michael worked in agriculture for over 20 years with a deep interest in the health of the Earth from soils, up through the food chain to mankind. He believes the health of all can be fostered by a holistic approach to our environment and that a one sided reductionist scientific outlook spells danger for our future. As an organic farmer he successfully used herbal and homeopathic methods for livestock and he and his family have benefitted from the Psionic method for 40 years.

Deidre Rust

Deidre became a committed supporter of homeopathy and the Psionic approach to medicine when her daughter, after 9 years of ill health which, sadly, the medical profession was unable to help, was cured in 3 months by an experienced homeopath and Psionic practitioner. She has 35 years experience of charity work as a charity executive, charity trustee and as a volunteer for The East Kent Hospices Trust and is a keen gardener as time allows.

Allan A. R. Pollock, BSc, MIChemE, CEng, DipEM

As a Chartered Engineer working for over 35 years in the petrochemical industry Allan has perhaps an unlikely background for someone with an interest in holistic medicine, but research into some family health issues, and recollection of childhood visits to the doctor (a member of the faculty of homeopathy), brought me into contact with DrĀ Gordon Flint and what has now become the Laurence Society. Since then he has met a number of physicians specialising in Homeopathy using various diagnostic methods. He considers Homeopathy to be a subtle and powerful system of medicine that maximises the self-healing capacity of the body; and despite its gainsayers continues to have potential in the 21st century.